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Compliance solutions to certificates of good agricultural practices that are designed to standardise policies and procedures that ensure:​

  • Food safety

  • Labor rights 

  • Sustainable practices  

    • Offering:

      • Capacity Building Services

      • Compliance consultancy

      • Project management of funded socio-economic development projects
        in the fruits and vegetables sector

      • Monitoring Services

      • Auditing and Technical Assessments

      • Trade and Export

Blue Moon strives to be recognized as the highest quality service provider in MENA’s food sector, working with the highest ethics and providing the best most sustainable results and solutions for our customer.


We will work hard to empower the more challenged stakeholders in our sector and help ensure a high quality product, at a fair price, for both the customer and the small growers that originally supplied it through our development projects.


We will consistently and constantly be driven to ensure that we are fulfilling our social responsibility within our sphere of influence.

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