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Food Safety Quality Management System (FSQMS)

Integrated fsqms for clients:

FSQMS is our step by step documentation and templates for our clients/producers in the F&V sector. We provide the guidance needed to follow this Food Safety Quality Management System (FSQMS) in order to comply with the following standards, depending on the value chain that the client covers.

STEP 01 

STEP 02 


Our TRACEABILITY SYSTEM is expected to have three basic components: 

Which enables the identification of the source of all raw materials (this includes ingredients, primary packaging, and production/processing aids)


Which enables the identification of all raw materials and process records for each product, i.e. the processing history.


STEP 03 


  • Designed for traceability

  • Traceability "one step back" and "one step forward"

  • Food business operators must be able to identify their suppliers of food, ingredients and many other substances intended or expected to be incorporated into food,

  • Identify the business to which they have supplied products and produce this information on demand, i.e. in a timely manner.

Which enables the customers to identify each product.

  • BlueMoon uses GPS to ensure proper traceability of products to farms “Plots don’t Move”.

  • Ensured that in essence if we were to pinpoint the farms exact location it could be the primary identification indicator for each sourcing plot.

  • This idea has helped us ensure traceability of our products and has evolved into proof of complete transparency for our customers.

  • Transparency of

  • Safe

  • Sustainable

  • Ethical operations


for small producer organizations

FSQMS integrated into Canada’s Modern Vision’s Farm Management System.

  • Growers at the Small Producer Organisations are provided with a fully equipped data center and a capacity building program to teach them to use the software to record their daily activities.

  • The aim is to ensure long-term sustainability, transparency and traceability of their products and activities in compliance to FSQMS that follows standards documentation requirements in a systematic and sustainable manner.


The Premium project’s robust GPS traceability system

  • The system starts by identifying the geographic coordinates of each growerby GPS technology.

  • The information is linked to GOOGLE maps and a dynamic web-based Food Safety and Quality Management System (FSQMS).

  • The database enables the forward and backward traceability of products and activities within 15 minutes.

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