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  • BlueStars LLC was created to market Egyptian products for export as part of BlueMoon sustainability strategy to empower Egyptian Small Growers.

  • Blue Moon & BlueStars LLC. are  cooperatively working together to identify potential opportunities within local and global markets, connecting the growers to the customers willing to encourage their development on a long term basis.

  • BlueStars helps growers develop long-term sustainable business relationships with socially responsible customers.

    • So that the growers maintain compliance  to international standards and receive the necessary income to develop their businesses and communities

  • Egyptian Small Growers face difficult challenges when selling their products to local traders and fresh produce exporters. That is because:

    • The growers are given unfair prices for their products while doing most of the work.

    • The many intermediaries within the supply chain, product traceability is lost in the process and the grower's margins are drastically cut down.


corporate deals

To create sustainable long term supply channels, BlueStars has identified numerous opportunities within the Egyptian HORECA market.


BlueStars strives to work with socially responsible organizations willing to source their products from small and medium sized suppliers adhering to Good Agricultural Practice.


We believe that these types of long term relationships are mutually beneficial to all stakeholders within the supply chain, increase healthy competition within the Egyptian market, and above all else encourages local production and development.

local consumer sales

BlueStars is sourcing small and medium sized producer Fresh Produce directly to the consumer.


Through their home delivery program, BlueStars fulfills your Fruit and Veg requirements and delivers them directly to your doorstep.


The company has a real commitment to ensure that their customers receive and exciting variety of safe, fresh, and delicious products all year round. 


BlueStars and BlueMoon work tirelessly all year round to identify and capitalize on potential export opportunities.


The best way to ensure sustainability in compliance of egyptian small growers to international standards is by creating opportunities for international trade.


With a wide range of products for export we search for socially responsible international retailers to buy the growers’ products and encourage the continuous development of Egyptian SPOs.


The FAIRTRADE Standard puts tremendous priority on labour rights and fair pricing.


The standard adds a “Premium” over the original price of the product that goes directly back to the producers to ensure that their margins do not wither along the supply chain.  


This “Premium” is then used by the growers to improve their business, develop their communities, and improve their overall quality of life.


The FAIRTRADE logo is internationally recognized and consumers all around the world buy FAIRTRADE products to do their part for economic equality.


We aim to raise awareness and create a FAIRTRADE market in Egypt so that, we too, can do our part and contribute to the small growers that truly need our support.

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